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Saturday, October 6, 2007

When Will Women Stop Raping?

In their never-ending efforts to foist women onto a pedestal, to portray women as victims (who need special treatment) and men as abusers (who need to provide that special treatment) feminists enjoy broadening the definition of acts established as crimes if they can claim only men commit them. Take domestic violence for example, the idea that it was an issue which only women face was founded on men being physically stronger than women.

Once men were blamed, they just ran with it. Made it is vile a crime as possible. "Domestic violence is about power and control, not conflict". "The primary cause of domestic violence is sexism and patriarchal coercion".

Women committing as much domestic violence against men as the reverse was ignored for years on this basis, while feminists broadened the definition of domestic violence to include as many behaviors as possible.

I'll never forget the first time they started complaining about women being "emotionally abused". Men are the ones who emotionally abuse are they? Emotional abuse has nothing to do with physical strength and can be easily committed by a woman for crying out loud, in fact women prefer it.

Likewise with rape, "rape is about power not sex", despite the fact that 80% of rape victims are below the age of 30, when women's looks start going down hill. We're even apparently living in a sexist "rape culture".

"rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men and women keep all women or men in a state of fear"
- Susan Brownmiller

Physically forcing a woman into sex has been replaced by not taking no for an answer, and more recently rape has been more ill defined, unless a woman completely felt like having sex, even if she didn't say no and at some stage said yes.. it could still be rape.

It ends up following then, that seeing as physical force is no longer required to legally rape someone because they don't have to physically resist, simply be in some way coerced, men are raped almost as often as women, because men are often coerced into sex:

Men often coerced into sex: study

The stereotype of the male stud who is always up for sex is being challenged by new research from the University of Guelph showing that men are almost as likely to be coerced in the bedroom as women.

A study of 518 university students found that 38.8% of men and 47.9% of women reported being pressured into a range of sexual activity, from kissing and cuddling to intercourse and oral sex.

But the most surprising finding was the link between popularized notions of the male libido and the susceptibility of both genders to pressure, said Cailey Hartwick, the lead author of the study published in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality.

The existence of traditional stereotypes may cause men to engage in sexual activity rather than feel guilty about refusing it. Meanwhile, adherence to such stereotypes by women may fuel the belief "that resistance may be somewhat futile against a man's indomitable desire for sex," the study stated.

It may also in part explain coercive behavior by women toward men.

"I hadn't anticipated that. I thought it would possibly predict men being coerced because of the whole idea that they should want to have sex and feel guilty if they don't," Ms. Hartwick in an interview. "What I thought was interesting was that it put both men and women at risk of sexual coercion."

Of the 251 males and 267 female respondents who completed the anonymous questionnaire, 23.3% of men and 34% of women related being pressed into kissing and fondling, while 18.3% of men and 21.1% of women said they were strong-armed into intercourse and 5.8% of men and 4.2% of women complained of being cajoled into oral sex.

The study defined coercion as everything from mild cajoling to full-blown sexual assault. However, only a tiny fraction of respondents told of being physically forced into sex. The majority reported being seduced by "guilt-tripping" or intoxication.

So basically, women are raping men all the god damn time according to feminist standards. Either they're making a big deal out of something which happens to men and men don't make a big deal out of, or women should start going to jail for date rape.

Frankly I'm not excluding the latter, because while I think defining rape as anything beyond requiring a use of physical restraint is pretty retarded, I think the feminists are not going to be too quick to restore reasonable boundaries to this affair if they have no reason, and there may be cause for concern anyway because according to a similar study from Washington University in 1999, which said more or less the same thing as the recent study:

College men nearly as likely as women to report they are victims of unwanted sexual coercion

The stereotypical picture of men as the perpetrators and women as the victims of acquaintance rape and other forms of unwanted sexual contact appears to be slightly out of focus.

Men are almost as likely as women to report unwanted sexual contact and coercion, according to a new study of college students conducted by researchers from the University of Washington's Addictive Behaviors Research Center. The study, involving nearly 300 students, appears in the current issue of the journal Sex Roles.

Overall, 34 men (21 percent of the male participants) and 36 women (28 percent) reported being recipients of one or more of five types of unwanted sexual contact listed on a gender-neutral questionnaire used by the researchers. The study also showed that men who experienced unwanted sexual contact reported more symptoms of depression than the other males in the study, although none met the criteria for clinical depression. There was no difference in the level of depression symptoms for women who said they were sexually coerced and those who weren't. Women, however, were more likely to be the victims of having physical force used against them.

Men, get depressed from being coerced into sex while women do not. Maybe men are in fact disproportionately mentally affected by rape by comparison to women.

At any rate, we can safely fuck off these retarded feminist theories about rape being about power instead of sex, unless they want to cop to that themselves and we can certainly fuck off blatantly insane ramblings like Ms Brownmiller's incoherence about rape being a method by which men keep women in fear, unless women are keeping men in fear by the same means.

Unless feminists start cleaning up their act about ridiculously exaggerated definitions of rape, maybe it is time they started supporting their supposed belief in equality and send women to jail for date rape as well.