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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Violence against men is to be approved of, apparently

Ignore the note at the bottom for a moment. What would you say a feminist's reaction to the above image found on a poster would be?

That this image promotes and glorifies violence against women? No wonder there is such a problem of violence against women if misogynist images like this are being bandied about? Do you suppose they might want to tear it down in disgust? In fact if I say I like it, would they say I was promoting violence against women? Does she already have a placard in her hands?

Well our hypothetical feminist can just go fuck herself because this image has never been posted on any walls. A poster with the sexes reversed, on the other hand, has been plastered all over Germany and to the approval of feminists. Turns out the above sort of sentiments may be acceptable to feminists after all. Well, as long as the sexes are reversed, of course. Direct your browser to this entry from a popular feminist blog and you'll find:

Fun with Feminist Flickr (vintage German smack-down edition)

I've posted this before, but it got such a controversial response last time I figured it was worth posting again. Plus, I just like it.


Careful! Women answer back

If you stupidly stare at a woman, talk rubbish or touch her, you have to be aware that she might insult you loudly, a glass of beer is emptied over you or you might be hit in the face. We strongly advise you to refrain from this kind of harrassments.

Women, migrants, homeless people, transgender people, gays and lesbians are often victims of assaults. Don't look away, interfere!

And here:

This may be my favorite feminist Flickr to date.
Yeah! Smack down men! If they talk rubbish hit them in the face! It's all totally justified and we are empowered womyn!

In other unrelated news:

Survey finds male abuse approval

More than half of women questioned at a Glasgow university said they approved of wives hitting their husbands.

The Glasgow Caledonian students were among 6,500 women surveyed from 36 universities for an international study into attitudes on domestic violence.

Of the 200 women, 60% said it was acceptable for women to hit their husbands while 35% admitted assaulting their partner.

Nope. No idea where that came from. What possible advocacy of violence against men could possibly be going on that could cause that?

Feminism is a hate movement.