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Monday, October 1, 2007

Equality Means Only Help Girls - Says Feminist Report To EOC

More feminists saying equality is the last thing they want and trying to justify making an exception in a case that might require help to be given to males. This time in a report to the United Kingdom's equality watchdog, the Equal Opportunities Commission in relation to boys and their education.

Stop helping boys, says equality watchdog

School strategies to boost boys’ attainment and close the gender divide with girls are “divisive and counterproductive”, according to a report to be published this week by the Government’s equalities watchdog.

Right, so when girls are underachieving it is the end of the world and proof of patriarchal oppression, proof the girls are being kept down from a young age etc etc. but when boys start to fall behind as a result of over-correcting it is "counterproductive" to address that issue.

The underachievement of boys relative to girls at school has become a recurring theme of educational debate and significant resources are invested in raising boys’ achievement.

Although there has been a slight narrowing of the gender gap in this year’s exam results, girls still outperform boys across the board. In primary tests, girls beat boys by ten percentage points in English last year. At A level, 25.1 per cent of girls achieved an A grade compared with 22.8 per cent of boys.

But in a highly provocative assertion, the Equal Opportunities Commission, suggests that “playing up the difference will exacerbate such difference”. While it acknowledges that there is a gender gap in literacy, with boys underperforming in relation to girls, the 80-page document adds: “In other areas, the gap is not significant and certainly the focus on boys’ underachievement detracts from the consideration needed to be given to the larger gaps between groups defined by social class and race.”

The report in question was written by one Becky Francis and one Christine Skelton. Would it surprise you to find interests such as "feminist research methodologies" on their profiles?

If we look at the press release from Roehampton University about this report, it says things like:

Professor of Education, Becky Francis, has warned that embedded attitudes about gender roles has lead to assumptions that boys and girls can be treated as separate, homogenous groups in teaching and learning. Whereas in fact, factors such as social class have a greater impact on achievement and mean that girls from lower socio-economic groups and certain minority ethnic groups are still out-performed by middle-class white boys.
Girls from lower socioeconomic classes are being outperformed by middle class boys?! OMGZ something must be done!@#$#!

Naturally the fact that girls from lower socioeconomic classes are doing better than boys from those classes and that girls from middle classes lord over not only the lower socioeconomic classed boys, but the middle classed boys as well, is completely ignored. The focus must be on girls! This is an excellent example of female supremacist femcunts using whatever shitty logic they can to gain as many advantages that they can.

It concludes: “The strategies recommended have been divisive and often counter-productive in terms of their emphasis on gender differences and give the impression that all that was needed was to treat the two sexes as separate, homogenous groups.”

The report, by academics at Roehampton University, blames gender stereotyping by parents and teachers for exaggerating the gender gap. Entrenched attitudes based on ill-founded assumptions about gender roles mean that perceived differences between supposedly masculine subjects (such as physics) and so-called feminine ones (such as literacy) will increase over time, it cautions. It adds that there is no hard evidence that single-sex teaching improves boys’ results. Instead, the report suggests that schools should challenge stereotypes and encourage boys and girls to diversify their skills and interests.

Initiatives to increase girls' results have focused on making classrooms more girl friendly. You don't go oh we need to find a standard way of treating both sexes then go and base it around a female norm because then boys start doing badly.

If you want things to be standard, base it on a standard in which girls and boys do equally well. The reason people have been treating the sexes differently is because they obviously respond to different schooling approaches. Presumably what is going on here is that when someone suggests making the standard way of approaching things more boy friendly, bitches like the feminist authors of this report start wailing about how this may prevent girls from reaching their full potential.

One way or the other. Either set the standard at the halfway mark, or treat them differently. You don't get equality otherwise, you get female domination (more knowledgeable readers will know this is what feminists mean by equality, anyway).

The report notes that social class and race have a far more significant effect on school results than gender; girls from disadvantaged backgrounds trail far behind middle-class boys from the same ethnic group. There is also a wide variation in performance across black and ethnic minority groups, with a gap of 16 percentage points between the highest and lowest achieving ethnic groups in their English results.

Jenny Watson, who chairs EOC, said that the solution to raising school standards across the board was to adopt a holistic approach that took account of gender, class and race differences together, not in isolation.

So as soon as it becomes apparent that as far as gender is concerned, boys are doing worse, all of a sudden we have to focus on other divisions. Never mind that while the gender gap was considered to be to the disadvantage of girls it was the end of the world.

But John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said it was right for schools to invest resources in raising the attainment of boys, just as they had done 20 years ago to raise girls’ achievement: “While it’s right to focus on all other underachieving areas, such as class and race, the focus on boys should not be eased, especially at a time when the gender gap is starting to narrow at GCSE and A level.”

Nick Gibb, the Tory schools spokesman, blamed 40 years of “progressive” teaching methods for the underachievement of boys, disadvantaged children and certain ethnic groups.

Damn straight. Equality means equality. You don't go claiming to be about equality, then go right beyond the pale of equality only to promptly change your mind about whether we should have equality or not. I've said it before, the main focus of feminism these days is - now that they have equality (and more) in areas they previously convinced people they were disadvantaged in - more about making up retarded justifications for retention of traditional female privilege and the privilege that they have gotten by pushing female advocacy beyond any semblance of equality.