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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Equal Application Of The Law

Feminists love to make up laws to govern the lives of men when they feel secure that they will never be subject to those laws themselves. In most cases they are not. That's why you get false rape allegations being so easy to make that 40 - 60% of them are false. The newspapers would be overflowing with articles on false rape accusations if there was one every time this happened to a man, but here is how women feel when feminist laws which are supposed to only be applied to men are applied to them:

How could I, a 5ft woman, have possibly raped a strapping, 6ft businessman?

A woman falsely accused of date-raping a wealthy businessman has told for the first time how the ordeal ruined her life.

Tanya Hutchison, a 42-year-old mother of five, was cleared of sexual assault but said the nightmarish police investigation had left her permanently scarred.

"My life is in ruins, all because of a claim that was totally ridiculous and should never have been taken seriously," she said.

When six police officers arrived at her home to arrest her in front of her seven-year-old son, she told them that the man's allegation that she had spiked his drinks with a date-rape drug before forcing him into sex was ludicrous.

That's how a 5ft tall woman can rape a 6ft businessman, with drugs. It was very clear that drugs were involved and that's how it was alleged she did it, so one of the first things you notice when reading this article is how quick she is to crap on about how could she do it, when it has been explained.

But despite her insistence that they had shared an afternoon of consensual sex, she was held in a police cell for four hours.

Then she had to describe every explicit detail of the encounter in a two-hour interview with five officers - four of them men - who she claims treated her as if she were guilty.

"I was stunned and terrified," she said. "I felt as if it was me who had been raped.

"I had to tell the officers every aspect of what I'd done with the man, which was deeply humiliating.

"They ransacked my home and took away my bedsheets, phone and, worst of all, my underwear to carry out forensic tests.

"I was questioned in a manner I felt was unnecessarily aggressive.

"I couldn't understand why I was being made to feel like a criminal over a claim that was so unbelievable.

"I've been taking anti-depressants since it happened and I've lost more than two and a half stone because of the stress.

"I feel petrified when I hear police sirens and my confidence in the legal process is badly shaken."

At the police station, Ms Hutchison says she was searched and kept in a cell without a toilet for four hours.

"I was shaking with nerves and felt sick but there was nowhere to be sick. Then the questioning began and it seemed to last for ever, although I think it was two hours.

"Five officers made me tell them intimate details such as what positions we'd used while having intercourse.

"I was mortified and felt dirty and ashamed. I couldn't understand why they were treating the man's claim seriously.

"I felt as if I was trapped in a bad dream.

Basically her house was searched, personal items of hers were taken for examination, she was held for four hours and questioned by the police and she is acting as if her whole world has coming crashing down around her. What's the bet that if women were the ones falsely accused of rape all the time, filing a false accusation of rape would be seen as the blackest crime imaginable and a profound violation of a woman's dignity which men could never hope to understand and therefore should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

As it stands, considering it is the other way around, we instead have Catherine Comins spouting "sometimes men who are falsely accused of rape can benefit from the experience."

There are probably people reading this who sympathise a great deal with what she went through, considering a woman is being subject to this, and it very well may have been wrong, but I wonder how they and Ms Hutchison would feel if she were actually treated the way men are when falsely accused of rape.

It's not like her name was dragged through the mud, she was even imprisoned for any serious length of time or was threatened with or subjected to violence as revenge by some gullible, benevolently sexist fucktard.

How would being arrested, denied bail, imprisoned for several months - then stabbed in prison like Craig Charles was go down with her?

Do you think she'd appear like more of a victim if she had been doused in kerosene and set alight?

How about if she had received a fractured jaw and eye socket, suffering a collapsed lung, broken ribs, a blood clot on the brain and lost some of her teeth?

What about being imprisoned for, not four hours, but eighteen months and dying of blood cancer before being posthumously cleared?

Or hey how about if she just ended getting straight murdered in a revenge attack? Reckon the feminists would brush that aside as a possible experience she could benefit from?

And anyway, where are the feminists with their insisting that she nevetheless may have still been guilty of rape and the man was just discouraged from pressing charges?

Fair enough, what happened to her was wrong. It is bullshit that people have to go through this sort of thing, but I just don't see how her playing the victim card this much can be acceptable when feminists accept that men who face the same allegations she did are routinely treated the same way or worse and in those cases there is nothing wrong with it.

The man suggested meeting at Ms Hutchison's home in Worthing, West Sussex, and turned up at 11am on a Thursday in June with two bottles of wine.

"I was taken aback because the wine made it very clear he was there for sex," she said.

So if a woman brings wine to a man's house, that means she effectively has consented to sex does it? See, despite the fact that Ms Hutchison has been through a false allegation of rape, she still has a rather flippant attitude towards consent by comparison to the attitude a man is legally obliged to have. Fact is, according to the new British laws if the other party was drunk then decides they may have been raped.. the basis for the "new type of rape; Gray Rape", also known as "the rape you might not know happened", the burden of proof is on the alleged perpetrator to prove that they obtained positive consent in a court of law.

I can't help but think that if she was male and her accuser was female, this is exactly what would have happened, with her being found guilty of rape on the facts we have so far, and thrown in jail.

But no, if you're a woman, then presence of alcohol means an automatic presumption of consent, rather than the automatic presumption of rape if you are a man.

Apparently being all concerned about rape allegations doesn't change this either.

A few days later, police called at her home to tell her that the man had admitted she was telling the truth.

She has struggled to recover from her ordeal and says she has lost faith in a system that has allowed her accuser to go unpunished for his lies.

She said: "It makes me very angry that he has got off scot-free for making up something so evil about me.

"He was not even cautioned for wasting police time and nobody has apologised to me.

"All I wanted was to trust a man again but I can't imagine myself trusting anyone for a long time."

A Sussex police spokesman said: 'We investigated an allegation of sexual assault against Tanya Hutchison but we can confirm there will be no further action taken."

I can already hear the wailing of a thousand feminists and manginas over this demanding that he be publicly humiliated or jailed for a term of rape himself. I mean we can't have people going around making false allegations of rape and getting away with it can we? Justice requires punishment. On the other hand, he got the same punishment a woman would have got for committing this crime - a slap on the wrist - and equal treatment under the law is also justice.