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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Women Who Get Paid For Murdering Their Husbands Are The Real Victims, Apparently

The All Men Are Bastards Knife Block. Now aka, the
Husband Who Walked Into Five Knives, I Swear knife block.

Generally men who kill their spouses, especially under highly dubious circumstances, aren't often the subject of sympathetic media reports. They don't tend to be showered with praise at how they handled their prison sentence, their alienation from their children and how hard it was for them to reintegrate into society following their release from prison. In fact I don't think it's ever happened, and coming to think of it I think media coverage of men who kill their spouses has been pretty typically condemning. Nevertheless this week we see HIGHLY biased media coverage of a woman who not only killed her husband, but got away with it by claiming "he walked into the knife", then receiving $400,000 in life insurance being treated as if she was a brave hero. A clear victim who is desperately deserving of our sympathy.

When bringing up clear evidence of this sort of discrimination with the fembots, for example the fact that in the rare cases women are actually convicted of spousal murder women receive on average half the sentence men do for the same crime, they like to claim that despite their being the clear beneficiaries, it is a result of men, and of course the invisible patriarchy, viewing women as weak, defenceless and in need of protection. Funny then how the organisations which lobby for women to get away with spousal murder using women only defences like "battered women's syndrome", are run by feminists, or the fact that prior to feminism the legal system's sentencing of both sexes was pretty much equal, or the fact that this example of biased, sympathetic media treatment, portraying the woman as weak, defenceless and in need of protection, was written by a woman.

The article is vomit inducing in it's sentimentality towards the killer, so I'll quote only a couple of the sunken in bullshit statements from the more greatly sunken in bullshit article:

Teressa says she has told her children "that I loved their daddy very much, that it was an accident, and that I'm very, extremely sorry." She says they slept through everything that drunken midnight when she whirled around during an argument with a kitchen knife in her hand.

The six-inch blade sliced through Erin's lung, pericardium and pulmonary artery. Teressa at first told police she didn't know what had happened, that Erin was drunk and she came upstairs and found him clutching his chest.

Yes. Of course, because who hasn't whirled around with a knife in their hand and found it lodged in something or someone. Finding it lodged in someone's lung, pericardium and pulmonary artery is only slightly less common, but accidents like this do happen. Well actually nothing like this ever fucking happens. Actually strike that. Nothing like this ever happens accidentally, but it has been known to happen because someone purposely made it happen, but let's just accept that this sort of claim is credible because it's a woman who made it shall we?

"I have come to find out that you are apparently a very decent person," Circuit Court Judge Rossie D. Alston Jr. said at her sentencing that blustery November day last year. He accepted the plea bargain that suspended a 10-year prison sentence and placed Teressa on probation for five years. "I am giving you the benefit of the doubt," he admonished.
Thanks Daddy! So instead of getting a jury to decide whether the fanciful claim that her husband "walked into a knife" is credible or not, this faggot judge just allowed the prosecution to offer her a plea bargain based on his feelings about her as a person and accepted her ridiculous claim on that basis. That sounds objective. Note that despite his paternal chivalry in this case, feminists would have been the first to rebuke him for treating her harshly - the way he would have a man.

The court heard how Teressa had made good use of her 11 months in Prince William County jail.
Once again, a husband killer gets less time in jail than was recommended Michael Vick for killing dogs. Not like we really need to discourage people from killing their spouses or anything. Whoops. I used a gender neutral term there. Of course, we do need to discourage men, who are severely dealt with under these circumstances, from killing their spouses. We apparently don't need to discourage women from killing their husbands.

Erin had $400,000 in life insurance, and the legal finding of involuntary manslaughter means Teressa is eligible to collect; the first installment is due any day.
So not only does she get off with less punishment than you would get for killing a dog, she is rewarded with $400,000 for going to the trouble.

A later press conference reveals the prevailing opinions on matters like this and how it appears killing your husband and getting $400,000 in life insurance for it is a good reason for sympathy, praise and kudos on what a wonderful person you must be:

Centreville, Va.: Seeing as this tragedy had such a serious result for your husband, how were you able to avoid jail time? It seems like you could have gotten a much harsher sentence. Who was your lawyer? The article does not say.

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: Not only did this have a serious result on my husband but many more people, including myself. My attorney was Mr. Whitestone and I believe that the courts did what they thought was right.

Of course. Nobody could be hit harder than the poor murderer who was persecuted by the mean court system, regardless of how easy she was let off and the fact that she received more life insurance than most people would make in eight years of working. I wonder how her victim feels about all this? Oh yeah her victim is dead, so can't tell us.

Arlington, Va.: Teressa,

I found your story intriguing, sad and full of hope all at once. Have you made any progress on becoming a counselor/liaison for women coming out of jail into similar situations as you did? Good luck getting everything back in order and take care of your kids!

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: Actually, I will be working with women in the jail by mid-Nov. if all goes well. I thank you for your comments and hope that this story helps just ONE person.

Apparently there is a need for the advice of murderers when it comes to rehabilitation of other female offenders. I'd certainly agree that the best way to ensure that someone doesn't reoffend is to shower them with sympathy, praise and encourage them to get together with other murderers so they can pat each other on the back.

Fairfax, Va.: It sounds like you and your husband had a relationship where violence was not uncommon. Had the police ever responded to a domestic dispute at your home? Had you or your husband ever sought help for the violence in your relationship?

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: Yes, the police were called so many times to my home not only in this state but in others. We did go to a couple of counseling sessions with the military but I was never really allowed to speak of the truth.

What I'd presume this means is that in the counseling sessions she had to accept some sort of responsibility for the relationship being violent. Not unusual considering the latest domestic violence research finds that 49.7% of violent relationships involve reciprocal violence and in the other 50.3%, the sole perpetrator of the violence is the woman, 70.7% of the time. This would also account for the fact that she never left the relationship seeing as she would be just as violent as her husband. Of course, in order for her to justify stabbing her husband to death she would have to be entirely the victim of all of this, so "the truth" would have to be that he was the only violent party, thus leaving her without any responsibility.

Washington, D.C.: I find it unbelievable that The Post is providing a soapbox to someone who killed her husband and received $400,000 in life insurance as a result.

I also find the 11-month sentence for killing her husband absurdly short for taking a human life. People receive more time in jail for killing household pets or serving beer to minors.

To me, this is a sign of gender bias in the media and the courts. Another sign of that bias is a statistic from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. It says that women who kill their husbands without provocation receive sentences less than half as long as husbands who kill their wives.

What's next for Ms. Turner-Schaefer? Is she going to write a book about her saga to further profit from her husband's death?

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: It was an accident and I NEVER meant to hurt my husband in any way!

At last the voice of reason. Despite the fact that the majority of the media coverage has been typically chivalrous and sentimental feminism oriented, casting a murderer as a victim just because she is female, it is good to see that at least one person in the media has woken up to this bullshit and has the guts to speak their mind.

Richmond, Va.: Why did you stay with him if the police were called "so many times" for domestic violence?

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: Until you are in a situation like that it is hard to explain. Although the abuse was horrible, I knew another side of him. We both were so young when we met, and for the both of us it was all we knew.

Well, she obviously didn't give a shit about whatever "abuse" was going on considering she could have, at any stage, particularly when the police were called, used the full services, which the government pays millions every year to finance, to remove herself from that situation if she really wanted to be removed. Also she had the option to kill him and get away with it at any time she wished.

Maryland: Hi Teressa,

I found your story very moving, especially since I'm also from Syracuse (Fowler H.S.!) and can related to some of your background. Congratulations to you for staying strong and turning this horrible experience into something positive and life-affirming. I wish you only the best.

How exactly does being rewarded with $400,000 and showered with sympathy change murdering someone into anything "life-affirming"? Death-affirming more like.

Washington, D.C.: Do you think you will get married again some day?

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: I think there is someone for everyone. I am only 25-years-old and if God puts the right man in my life I believe I would get married again. ... Someday.

The last person that she thought was her special someone, she killed. That's not a very good track record. This is what the article said about this issue:

Sometimes she is electrified by the will to move on, by the possibilities that still might exist for a 25-year-old woman. She ventures into online dating sites, and goes out a couple of times with men who can't help but ask why she's a widow so young. At first, Teressa would merely say she didn't want to talk about it so early on. But a new fierceness has taken hold lately, and she throws the truth down like a dare.
Don't you just love this demand with modern feminism-infected women that you accept even the most offensive qualities they possess, otherwise you aren't up to the challenge or something similarly demeaning, in this case, you don't accept the dare. This looks like the latest in a trend of making out demanding acceptance of qualities like having a domineering attitude, or being a skank single mother is being fierce and empowered rather than delusional and arrogant. Yeah, if someone doesn't want to date a woman who murdered the last guy she was with and considers herself strong for demanding that they accept that, then they must be weak. If this bullshit can be taken to this sort of extreme one definitely has to question the logic behind it.

Washington, D.C.: What would you say to those who think you killed your husband to collect his $400,000 life insurance?

Teressa Turner-Schaefer: I would tell them that I had no idea he even had that much life insurance. It was just as much a shock to me as the next person. And I would also tell them that when his mother came to visit me, I told her I did not want it to take it because I just wanted Erin back.

It has to be bullshit that she didn't know he had life insurance, being his wife. However, it is unlikely that she killed her husband to get the life insurance, because if she was convicted of murder she wouldn't have gotten it. What I do find disturbing though, is that she didn't claim "battered women's syndrome". The police were called to her house prior to this and it would have overwhelmingly likely been completely blamed on her husband. It would have been virtually impossible to convict a woman of actual murder under these circumstances, she would have been convicted of voluntary manslaughter and probably gotten the same sentence.

Oh wait, if you get convicted of voluntary manslaughter you don't have a claim to the life insurance of the person you killed. If you are convicted of involuntary manslaughter ... you do.

Not only did this skank probably have a backup women only defense of "battered women's syndrome", but she was permitted to get away with using the ridiculous defense of "he walked into the knife", so that she could collect his life insurance.

For men considering marriage in the current anti-male climate, it is not just being subjected divorce because it can financially advantage women that we have to worry about, it is murder and the fact that can financially advantage women.

What better motivation to stay single is there?

Washington, D.C.: There are many cruel and judgmental people out there who cannot put themselves into your shoes and will immediately crucify you, as we've seen with many of the comments already.
Yes, because criticising a woman, even for murder, is unforgivable. Obviously no man can put themselves in her shoes because no man would have gotten away with and even benefited from murdering their spouse like this bitch did.