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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Women abuse their kids twice as much when men are not around

A study funded by the US military released today gives us a glimpse into the reasons that children raised in fatherless families suffer catastrophic developmental problems, such as those described in the Civitas study on the subject, including the finding:

Although 20% of all dependent children live in lone-parent families, 70% of young offenders identified by Youth Offending Teams come from lone-parent families.

Child abuse rises when dad is away at war
Mothers are twice as likely to physically hurt kids, government study finds

Children in some Army families are vulnerable to abuse and neglect by their mothers when their fathers are away at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a large Pentagon-funded study finds.

Mothers were three times more likely to have a substantiated report of child mistreatment when their soldier husbands were deployed than when the fathers were home, according to the research. Mothers at home were nearly four times as likely to neglect their children and nearly twice as likely to physically abuse them during deployment periods.

“She leaves the young child alone in the apartment, doesn’t get the child off to school in the morning, doesn’t keep the house in a livable condition,” said lead author Deborah Gibbs of the nonprofit RTI International in Research Triangle Park, N.C., describing typical scenarios.

The researchers found reports of abuse and neglect for nearly 3,000 individual children. The mistreatment included neglect, abandonment, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.

So, despite the fact that according to feminists, men do no work around the house, are uninvolved in childcare etc. etc., when the men are taken away these women can not only not handle it on their own, but they become four times as likely to neglect their children and twice as likely to physically abuse them. Of course, this does also mean that while feminists love to portray men as evil abusers, it appears that men's presence prevents kids from being abused by their mothers.

Army officials said the study confirms what they’ve seen at large military bases for nearly two years, overwhelmed and depressed mothers neglecting their children.

“This is another recognition of the stress that families are experiencing with multiple deployments, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone,” said Rene Robichaux, social work programs manager for the U.S. Army Medical Command.

The Army recently announced it will hire more than 1,000 additional “family readiness support assistants” to help families of deployed active-duty, Army Reserve and National Guard units. The Army also recently added $8 million to its respite child care program and increased home visits to parents of young children at 13 bases with the highest rates of neglect, said Delores Johnson, the Army’s director of family programs.

Riiight. They're beating the shit out of their kids and it is because they don't have enough "support" and not because they are child abusers. How could I have forgotten that Women Are The Real Victims Here and not the kids that they are abusing. How about we do what we'd do if it was men abusing these kids and throw them the fuck in jail for being child abusers. Or at the very least have the husband file for divorce, get sole paternal custody and force the mother to pay child support until the kids are 18 or go to jail anyway. That way we wouldn't have to pay out all this taxpayer money on coddling social programs which sanction irresponsibility.

Women accounted for about nine out of 10 incidents by civilian parents during deployments. For fathers at home while their soldier wives were at war, the effect of deployment on the likelihood of abuse or neglect was insignificant, suggesting men may be more likely to get help from extended family or other resources, Gibbs said.
Naturally the suggestion they decided to speculate on as correct was that men may get more help, and not the more obvious suggestion that men are simply better parents, because that would have the feminist world up in arms that their oft-touted misandry that men are abusive and bad parents is in fact contrary to the truth. Of course, some of us already knew that 62.3% of child abuse perpetrators are female and feminists just like to pretend that men are more abusive in order to feed their persecution complexes and justify demanding "reparations" from men. Seems to constantly get missed in the media though. I don't suppose popular myth that women can do no wrong has anything to do with their being irresponsible parents (when men aren't around anyway).

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