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Monday, July 23, 2007

Wage Gap Influenced By Discrimination (Based On Competence)

38 times more incompetent that she should be

The last thing feminists want to take into account when figuring out why one person got promoted over another is competence. As matters stand they rarely understand why they can't take Women's Studies instead of something useful like Engineering, and get paid an Engineering salary, or why if they work part time and sit in front of Oprah half the week, they don't get paid the same as a man working full time. If they're trying to blame their own choices on discrimination against them, then it's no surprise that they consider the mere suggestion a female could possibly be incompetent as an indication of discrimination against women and we end up with cases of extreme female incompetence being ignored such as this story of a female school principal failing a competency test 38 times:

After failing test 38 times, principal finally loses job

A San Antonio school principal tried again to pass the test required for her job. She recently took that test for the 38th time.

The results were not good and now she is out of that job.

The boy's club at work, obviously. She has the education to be a principal, she has the experience to be a principal, she works full-time. Why is she being discriminated against? Oh yeah, because she's not competent.

It was her second attempt since we revealed in February that she'd already failed it 36 times before, more than any other educator in the state.

Rojas failed again for the 38th time.

You fail the test once, you go back and study, come back the next time and pass the test. She failed this test 38 times. At least three more times than anyone else in the state. That's how many faiures it takes for PC education departments to actually justify demoting a woman. Any less and this lipstick smeared rhinocerous would be hiring a lawyer to launch a class action suit - which they would probably settle.

The district has now removed her from that job and given her the position of administrative assistant at Smith.

She now makes just slightly less than her nearly $78,000 a year principal's salary.

On second thoughts, why does she even need to file a class action suit? Despite the fact she can't do her fucking job, she is still making almost double the median wage of $39, 584 for someone in San Antonio employed in a school or school district. Nevertheless, her slightly reduced salary is no doubt contributing to the wage gap even when we do account for education and hours worked.

I can hear the feminists whining already.