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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nagging Husband? No Problem - Kill Him

If I posed the question to a feminist, "If a wife nags her husband, can he beat her?" what do you suppose she would have to say about that? Reckon we'd even get to the part about "noone asks to be a victim of violence", "taking provocation into account is blaming the victim" somewhere in the midst of her caterwauling that I was a misogynist?

So what if I altered that question a little and it were a husband nagging a wife, oh and hey change "beat" to "murder" while we're at it. Well of course. That's different:

Wife who snapped after 20 years of nagging escapes murder charge

A WOMAN stabbed her nagging partner to death after more than 20 years of "mental torture", a court heard yesterday.

Linda McGhee, 53, was originally charged with murdering her partner, but yesterday a jury accepted she was at her wits' end when she killed him.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that McGhee's partner, Ian Tannock, 48, constantly moaned and nagged at her.

Okay then. Leave him. It's not like no fault divorces for touchy feely reasons rather than anything substantial aren't the norm today anyway. If the majority of women filing for divorce barely have a reason, I'm sure "nagging", or I suppose in this case (seeing as it's a man doing it to a woman), "emotional abuse", would suffice as a reason, particularly considering she doesn't even need one.

He even complained after she scrimped and saved to send them both on a once-in-a lifetime cruise to Egypt.

Throughout the holiday, Mr Tannock moaned because he could not get his favourite drink, Tennent's lager, on the luxury liner and had to consume foreign beer instead.

Woah! He EVEN DID THAT?! More proof all men are bastards. My god he really did have to die then. We now find out that the skank had money of her own anyway, which means she wasn't financially dependent AND COULD HAVE EASILY LEFT HIM. No, apparently that was not possible, obviously hiring a QC to defend her for murder was the more sensible option.

McGhee finally snapped on the night of 7 March, 2006, when she plunged a knife into Mr Tannock's neck during a row at their home in Gourock.

She was convicted of killing Mr Tannock by striking him on the neck with a knife. She was also found guilty of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by washing bloodstained clothing and trying to concoct a false alibi.

Dr Julie McAdam, a pathologist, told the court that Mr Tannock would have died within minutes.

She said that the knife almost went clean through his neck, cutting the carotid artery, back of the throat and windpipe. But she added that the blow would only have required mild force.

Wait! It would only have required mild force? That's alright then. For some reason the fact that although she managed to slice almost clean through his neck the idea that "she only used mild force" is some sort of mitigating factor because they can't accept a woman could possibly be a perpetrator of wrongdoing. I don't suppose the fact that there is a dead body involved is any cause for concern. He was Only A Man, afterall.

They found her guilty of the lesser crime of culpable homicide and rejected the Crown's claim that she had murdered him as he lay sleeping.
So after all this time and complaints from feminists about blaming the victim and nobody asking to be subjected to violence, when a wife nags her husband, he can simply stab her in the neck and get off with Culpable Homicide, also known as manslaughter outside Scotland? Oh wait, he would have a penis. Therefore he would not be eligible for this defence.